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a subscription-based community solution that gives power to creators, not platforms.

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Own Your Audience

Passionate fans want to support you. Strengthen your relationship with them by removing the middleman and by creating a community that brings your brand and your business to the next level

Set Your Own Rules

YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have inconsistent and unfair moderation. You set the rules in your Local.

Advantages Dots
Build your network

Grow your community by connecting with other creators you want to be associated with. There’s power in numbers.

Why creators choose Locals

Features of

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A home for all your content
Post videos, photos, podcasts, messages, and polls. Sell tickets to events, and offer exclusive content to your supporters.
Notify your entire community every time you post. Don’t rely on email or an algorithm to decide who gets notified and when push notifications go directly to your supporters.
Community Management
You set the tone and make the rules in your Local community.
Turn your fans into subscribers, helping you generate monthly revenue.
Affiliate program
Leverage your creator network to generate more income by syncing your community with creators you share an audience with.

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Co-founded by Dave Rubin

David Rubin Dots

Locals allows me to connect directly with my supporters without big tech algorithms getting in the way. The day of giant platforms is over. Small is the new big, and that starts by creating your own community and finding meaningful connections with Locals.

Dave Rubin
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Build your community with Locals.